We're forensic architects
Who make buildings work.
35 years of skilled evaluation and creative technical solutions for design, new construction, and repair of existing buildings

Nobody can match our service and success at identifying and resolving design and construction issues in building envelopes.

Our firsthand forensic experience in thousands of cases means that, as our client, you get rapid and efficient results. Our architects are proficient at identifying deficiencies often overlooked by others. You can rely on us for quality assurance, no-nonsense remedial solutions, and expert witness services.


Our experienced architects have seen it all before. We’ve designed it and orchestrated the construction of it. D&A applies encyclopedic knowledge of materials, techniques and accessibility compliance to prevent building problems before they happen.

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Our in-house testing capability, powered by our proprietary DAAD system, yields timely and detailed analysis, often eliminating the costly formalized testing typically required by others. Our inventive personalized action plans yield optimal results with minimal investments of time and dollars.

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When D&A takes on your Property Condition Reviews, Capital Reserve Analysis, or Construction Loan Monitoring, we bring intensive experience to bear on your behalf. We look at a property to protect your interest as if it were our own.

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Façade Assessment
& Repair

When an existing building envelope fails, our innovative remedial program will zero in on the precise issues, provide cost-effective repair solutions, and minimize building disruption for occupants.

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Our investigations go beyond the meticulous development of expert evidence to offer corrective proposals that can lead to builder-implemented repairs or simplified cash settlements instead of costly litigation.

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