Construction Forensics

In-house testing capabilities to substantiate the cause and scope of deficiencies…and yield remedies that save time and reduce costs

Water infiltration through veneer and fenestration systems. Excessive sound transmission. Breaches in fire-rated separation assemblies. The problems are common and stubborn. But Davidson & Associates clients learn that the solutions can be unexpectedly easy to achieve without resorting to costly and time-consuming third-party testing. We focus on multi-family residential and mission-critical commercial structures such as health care facilities and data centers.

Evidence-based analysis powered by DAAD

In contrast to engineers who offer limited textbook solutions, our forensic architects go beyond regimented theory. We create pragmatic and out-of-the box solutions, which have demonstrated, predictable performance. Our service begins on-site with a hands-on examination of the problem. Then we leverage our proprietary DAAD system to develop a highly specific fact-based analysis paired with cost-efficient remedies that are often not obtainable using traditional detailing. Our system works at every scale, whether we are tackling major building envelope repairs for a major medical center or modifying incompatible assemblies on projects already under construction.

Tailored action plans

With the true causes identified, we deliver a tailored remedial plan to permanently address the issues. Whether the action plan calls for corrective work or seeks redress for design or construction errors, we prepare a complete package including detailed estimates of cost. The result is always a personalized, project-specific approach, never a boilerplate off-the-shelf analysis protocol.