Facade Assessment & Repair

Unique remedial designs to restore envelope integrity, prolong structural lifespan, and minimize disruption for occupants

Whether a building dates to the late 1880s or 2015, envelope problems present huge challenges—not just in the cost and staging of repairs, but also in how they impact the day-to-day utility of the structure and occupants’ ability to conduct business or live without disruption. At Davidson & Associates, we expertly calibrate the competing demands of necessary repair and reasonable access. Our decades in the profession mean we have detailed knowledge of legacy systems and the contemporary options for repairing or replacing them.

Remedial Architectural Designs

As forensic architects, we have long experience in designing and implementing solutions to building-related problems. From replacing a roof or waterproofing system to restoration of an historic limestone façade or contemporary masonry veneer, to repair of multiple building components, we offer a complete range of project management services.
Powered by DAAD, we provide analysis and remedial design approaches that are notably more cost-effective and less intrusive than those recommended by other advisors, often on the same projects. We then prepare construction documents uniquely formatted for the type of remedial work, and we oversee the bid solicitation and contract negotiations when needed. Our distinct time-effective construction administration program assures the contractor’s understanding of proper installation procedures and confirms compliance at critical benchmarks. We are proud that no other firm has ever been called on to follow up after we have completed a restoration based on our accurate diagnosis of the original problem.

Occupant-sensitive Solutions

Our restoration projects are almost always performed on occupied facilities that must remain in operation while corrective work is performed. It’s essential to maintaining relations with occupants or residents…as well as to allowing the building to be usable and generate income without interruption. Davidson & Associates has extensive experience in coordinating the contractor’s activities with the needs of the facility manager. This ensures that all work is completed properly and cost effectively, while minimizing disruption.