Litigation Support

Investigations and forensic architectural data to assist legal counsel in mediation, depositions and court proceedings

When a failed building envelope or system triggers claims and the prospect of legal action, objective forensic data—and the expertise to gather, analyze and present it—is essential. While our firm’s first mission is to participate in project planning/technical design and construction to prevent such issues, we also are called on frequently to investigate building failures related to other projects.

Investigations and Documentation

As forensic architects, we conduct detailed confidential investigations into water infiltration, problems with fire- and sound-rated assemblies, and other matters often cause-related to building envelopes. We are also experienced in reviewing construction documents and methodology of construction, and in assessing how architects and contractors meet standards of care. Whether our client is an architect or contractor acting to defend an unjust claim or the owner of a building in which failures have disrupted operations or will result in costly repairs, our experienced team can be relied on to verify and document existing conditions, correctly identify the root causes, and substantiate required remedial scopes and related costs.

Customized Analysis

We customize our analysis programs with in-house testing and non-intrusive destructive analysis to provide the substantiating evidence required for a successful trial or to promote favorable settlements. These testing programs usually eliminate the need for subsequent laboratory tests, destructive testing, and swing stage inspections. Our in-house cost-estimating services have been accepted in all jurisdictions where we have testified, eliminating the need for hiring additional consultants for this purpose.

Expert Testimony

Our architects all have experience in delivering expert testimony in settings that include mediations and depositions as well as trials. We reach for the highest standards to present lucid, objective evaluations of concepts that are typically very complex. Our investigations and meticulous development of expert evidence result in favorable out-of-court resolutions, often prompted by cost-effective creative remedies. On the rare occasions when disputes have gone to trial, jury verdicts have averaged over 95% of claim amounts in multi-million dollar awards.