Quality Assurance

Construction Document Development Reviews
Construction Monitoring • Value Engineering Analysis
Waterproofing & Building Envelope Analysis

Issues with building envelopes as well as wall and floor assemblies are most often rooted in the design and construction documents. That’s why Davidson & Associates is called upon early and often to assure the underlying integrity of project documentation. Our forensic architects collaborate directly with architects of record, developers and construction firms on issues from compatibility of building systems and material specifications, to cost effectiveness, and identifying and addressing concerns from preliminary design through construction. As part of our services we enhance the work of the stakeholders by providing expert on-site monitoring to spot issues before they become problems. We rapidly develop pragmatic solutions when called upon to correct problems that occur during construction.

Pre-Design and Design Phase Consultation

Waterproofing, sound transmission and fire-rated assemblies receive focused attention in our comprehensive project analysis. Our unique approach, augmented by our proprietary DAAD (Davidson & Associates Analytics Database), also emphasizes construction sequencing, installation details, and other building envelope issues. We work with your project team to assist in selecting materials and systems that are compatible with both the project’s performance requirements and with the aesthetic vision of the designer. Before construction begins, our architects will review the construction documents to identify and resolve potential problem areas. As needed, we conduct value-engineering analysis to identify often-overlooked ramifications and propose modifications that will achieve desired performance and avoid additional unanticipated costs.

Construction Monitoring and Documentation

Problems frequently arise when a builder is unfamiliar with the requirements of the specified materials or systems. Even the most complete set of drawings and specifications will not prevent installation errors if the construction is not carefully sequenced and the contractor’s personnel are not aware of all specified requirements. During construction, our forensic architects augment the architect’s construction administration services to evaluate alternative materials and methods proposed by the builder. Powered by our extensive experience and database for identifying the frequently overlooked pitfalls, we also conduct Quality Assurance inspections to help assure that the building is properly executed.