Due Diligence

Comprehensive services to help lenders, buyers and sellers, and HOA’s control financial risk and ongoing capital costs

From our specialized perspective as forensic architects, we are uniquely able to translate the near infinite technicalities of design into actionable knowledge to inform crucial decisions at every stage of design, construction and occupancy. We can provide these services a la carte or as a natural supplement to our broader participation in your project.

Construction Loan Monitoring

D&A provides Construction Loan Monitoring services to lending institutions for all types of commercial properties, large and small. This service includes review of construction documents for completeness and quality, review of change orders and third-party inspections, and review for appropriateness of monthly applications for payments.

Property Condition Assessments

D&A has conducted PCAs of a variety of commercial properties for purchasers, sellers, and lenders. We provide an understandable assessment of the property and include recommended repairs and costs as well as a replacement reserve to permit cost budgeting of anticipated future replacement costs.

Capital Reserve Analysis

Condos, HOA’s, and building owners count on our Capital Reserve Analyses to assess the properties’ condition, prioritize repairs. Our long-term reserve analysis facilitates budgeting of anticipated building component replacements.


Mid Atlantic Warehouse – Construction Monitoring

In preparation for construction of a 676,000 square foot and a 655,800 square foot tilt-up concrete warehouse with a total construction cost of $39.8 million, Davidson & Associates was commissioned to determine the completeness of construction documents. +

In addition, we were engaged to advise the lender during monthly progress meetings on construction quality and the appropriateness of the contractor’s applications for payment. The completed structures offer dock bays for 268 trucks, parking for an additional 283 trailers, and parking for 790 automobiles. The second warehouse was modified to include offices, break room and extensive product storage racks with a box conveyor system. Our review of construction documents determined that the soil was weather-sensitive and that there was no provision for soil treatment. In our monthly construction monitoring meetings, we delivered updates on progress, potential change orders, deviations from plans and specifications, and construction issues—all to help the lender make informed decisions about approval of contractor payments.

When the tenant moved into the second building, their requirement for excessive air changes resulted in condensation problems. D&A recommended and implemented an analysis program using specific temperature and humidity tracking devices. These devices provided the forensic mechanical engineer the data required to design successful system modifications. After altering the warehouse’s mechanical system, D&A continued monitoring of the space and provided documentation that assured this critical tenant and the owner that the issues were resolved. -


Lot 31: The Flats & The Darcy – Document Review/Construction Monitoring

Davidson & Associates conducted document review and construction monitoring for this $120-million mixed-use complex in Bethesda, MD, that include a four-level underground parking structure which spans under the full width of Woodmont Ave and the two towers with 1,250 public and private parking spaces. +

Two towers are constructed on either side of Woodmont Avenue. The Flats is five stories high with 162 rental units as well as retail and restaurant space. The Darcy is nine stories high with 88 condominium units and commercial space. The project was a Montgomery County/Private joint venture that provided county garage parking spaces in exchange for the land that previously held two surface parking lots.

During the document review phase, Davidson & Associates identified missing and inadequate details. Our review identified air-barrier and flashing issues. Recommendations for detail revisions were provided to the owner. D&A also provided the lender with construction monitoring and quality assurance services. We identified incorrect installation of exterior façade materials and recommended repair methods, which were implemented successfully. -


City Center at Oyster Point – Document Review/Construction Monitoring

This $31-million mixed-use complex includes 109,500 square feet of retail space, 94,500 square feet of office space and on grade parking in one-, two- and five-story steel framed structures. The buildings are part of the Town Center Development plan in Newport News, VA +

Davidson & Associates was engaged by the lender to determine the completeness of the construction documents and provide ongoing construction loan monitoring. Our review of the construction documents identified fire assembly, ADA and specification issues to be addressed by the architect. During the monthly construction monitoring site visits, D&A advised the lender of the construction progress, potential change orders, deviations from the plans and specifications, construction issues and the appropriateness of the contractor’s payment requests. -